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From smog checks to oil changes, or tire changes to tuning repairs...
We can repair it all!

Air Conditioner

Your AC may need repair when it no longer cools down the cabin adequately or is making loud noises. We're able to replace or repair cracked or leaking AC hoses.


The alternator is responsible for the lights on the dashboard and keeps the car battery charged. You may need alternator repair if you experience dim lights or if you see "BATT" or "GEN" lit on the dashboard.


The axles in your car are extremely important for steering and wheel rotation. If you have difficulty steering or turning, you may need to have your axles repaired.


We recycle and install new car batteries. Our battery warranty policy covers 2 years. For warranty service, return the car battery to us and we will replace it with a new battery.


If your brakes are too hard or light to push, or if they squeal loudly when stopping you may need to have them repaired. We can even just inspect them for their condition to give you piece of mind.


If you feel your car isn't running smoothly or you think something may be wrong, don't hesitate to ask us! We will run a series of diagnostics and tests to see what we can do or recommend for you.


Are you having trouble getting your vehicle started? Does it take several tries to get the engine going or does it make worrying noises? You may need to have the electrical or charging components repaired.


Depending on the situation of your needs, we offer a service to replace your engine with a new or used engine. Don't hesitate to come in and let us help with your situation!

Fluids & Filters

Whether it's your oil filter, automatic transmission fluid, coolant, or brake fluid, we can replace or change any of your car's fluids & filters!

Lighting & Wipers

If you notice any dimming in your head or tail lights, or if your wind shield wipers stop performing as they used to, swing by Hi Auto and we can fix you up in a jiffy!

Oil Change

If your oil service light is on, if your oil level is low or dark, we can change your oil filter. We choose the type of oil that is best recommended by your car's manufacturer.


Your radiator keeps your car's engine running cool. If you notice your car leaking or overheating, we can repair your radiator and get you up and running smoothly!

Smog Check

You may need a Smog Check for several reasons: your car puts out heavy fumes, registering your vehicle for the first time in California, renewing or selling your vehicle, etc. If your car fails the 1st smog test, we won't charge you for the 2nd smog test!

Shocks & Struts

Some cars will have struts and others will have shocks. Some have both. Your car may need repairs if it's losing stability (swaying on turns or bouncing) when driving, going over speed bumps or turning sharp turns.

Steering, Suspension, Alignment

If your car isn't driving straight, we can inspect, adjust, and replace any parts as needed. You'll know you need an adjustment when you feel the car is favoring right or left instead of straight.

Tune Up & Maintenance

Prolong the life of your car to ensure a safe drive. Bring your car in for a car tune-up and we'll ensure that your car continues to run smoothly. Take care of your car and it'll take care of you!

Other Services

Need additional car services? Not sure which service? Call us and ask!
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